Hurricane Dorian has weakened considerably and begun moving to the North. The effect on Geodetic Systems is minimal. For this we are thankful. Please focus your concern on families who lost loved ones in The Bahamas and for those who remain in the storm’s path.

Geodetic Systems, Inc (GSI) is the world's leading provider of portable, automated photogrammetric systems for non-contact, high accuracy 3D coordinate measurements in industries ranging from aircraft, aerospace and automobile manufacturing, through to shipbuilding, and to the antenna and wind power industries.

Our Products

The portable, high-accuracy V-STARS range is available in single camera and multi-camera real-time measurement system configurations


V-STARS photogrammetry software & 3D measurement technology operates where others can’t, in difficult to access & unstable environments

Our Products

Click here to view or download a range of videos highlighting V-STARS photogrammetry measurement versatility and technical advantages