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The premier V-STARS S system offered by GSI incorporates the INCA4 camera.  The V-STARS N series, which has three configurations for high-accuracy, high-flexibility and high-portability 3D coordinate measurement, offers an innovative, more affordable V-STARS option.

V-STARS N has three lightweight, ruggedized digital SLR camera options, with each of the cameras being especially customized for photogrammetric applications:

• V-STARS N Platinum is the most accurate and versatile offering for high-precision industrial metrology

• V-STARS N Gold offers accuracy and comprehensive measurement functionality at a reduced cost

• V-STARS N Silver is a work-horse system for engineering and industrial measurement tasks with less demanding accuracy requirements

Along with the camera, the N system comprises a notebook computer, V-STARS software for automatic data processing, and accessories, all of which fits into two small cases that can travel as carry-on luggage.

V-STARS has been fully tested and validated in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2634 standard for optical 3D measurement systems.

As can be seen in the table of system features below, V-STARS N produces routine 3D measurement accuracy on a 4m object in the range of 1:80,000 (Silver) through 1:115,000 (Gold) to 1:160,000 (Platinum), with higher precision being possible.

The N Series also exemplifies all of the inherent advantages of photogrammetry: it is non-contact, immune to vibration and movement, and supports fast on-site automatic data processing.

Camera System Model Features

Accuracy5µm + 4µm/Meter5µm + 5µm/Meter5µm + 6µm/Meter
Resolution45 million pixels24 million pixels24 million pixels
Field-of-ViewUltra-Wide (74x53°)Ultra-Wide (74x53°)Very-Wide (67x48°)
Rated Shutter Life200,000 pictures150,000 pictures100,000 pictures
Weight~1.8 kg / 4.0 lbs~1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs~1.0 kg / 2.3 lbs

Example 3D measurement applications of V-STARS N include:

  • Part and tool building and inspection
  • Surface measurement
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Measurement in unstable environments subject to vibrations and movement
  • Measurement in production environments where downtime is critical
  • Heavy engineering such as measurement of bridge blocks and wind energy towers
  • Antenna measurement

Click here to view the V-STARS N brochure.

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