Do I need to know the camera location when I take a picture? How steady must the camera be when taking a picture?

You don’t have to know where the camera is since V-STARS figures out where the camera is located automatically using GSI’s AutoStart procedure. With AutoStart, the operator only has to measure four known points (which can’t be collinear) on the image and V-STARS will figure out where the camera is. If you don’t have good coordinates for any points on the object (a first time measurement, for example) you can use our AutoBar to get the camera location.

Since the targets are illuminated by a nearly instantaneous flash from the strobe, the camera doesn’t have to be steady. This is one of the greatest advantages of photogrammetry over other large-volume, high-accuracy measurement technologies. The camera can be used on scaffolding, lifts, ladders, etc. and can be used in environments where movement or vibration is occurring.

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