Photometrix is the Australian-based division of Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI) and offers software systems and consulting services in digital close-range photogrammetric measurement.  Whereas GSI specializes in the provision of comprehensive, high-accuracy automated systems for industrial measurement, Photometrix develops photogrammetric software packages designed for use with commercial off-the-shelf cameras, for low- to medium-accuracy measurement. Typical application areas are traffic accident reconstruction, forensic measurement, heritage recording in archaeology, architecture and building, bio-medicine, civil engineering construction and general 3D object reconstruction in industries as diverse as education and animation.

Software systems produced by Photometrix include the internationally acclaimed iWitness and iWitness PRO, Australis and Camera Calibrator. These inexpensive systems incorporate advanced digital photogrammetric techniques and maximum ease of use for 3D coordinate measurement from digital imagery recorded with both professional and consumer-grade digital cameras.

General features of iWitness, iWitnessPRO and Australis include:

  • Very simple operation supported by automatic processes; iWitnessPRO and Australis support fully automatic measurement via coded targets; iWitness features automated calibration and operator assisted processes
  • Rigorous and highly robust photogrammetric orientation
  • Quality and accuracy indicators at all stages of the measurement process
  • Graphics capability for network analysis
  • Export of 3D measurement results in DXF format for CAD analysis
  • Photo-realistic texturing of 3D models
  • Generation of 3D curves and edges from 2D curve/line markings in images
  • The handling of complex measurement tasks, with no restrictions on the number of images employed or the number of measurement points

The Camera Calibrator automatically calibrates both consumer-grade and professional digital cameras through the use of coded targets. A full calibration of interior orientation (intrinsic parameters) and lens distortion can be obtained within 5 minutes!

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